When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

Centurion's Subject Control is a modern system that gives an officer more tools to reduce the likely hood of sole dependence on deadly force.

The Centurion Modern Subject Control difference.

We teach officers to transition up & down the use of force continuum, giving them the skills and confidence to facilitate de-escalation of force when necessary.

Dynamic Scenarios Dynamic Officers

Dynamic scenario training helps officers become comfortable with being in a fight to reduce the likelihood of deadly force becoming necessary.

Gun Defense with Elbow to the Face

Tested Skills Proven Results

Proven combat skills taught by professionals from various citizen & law enforcement background.

Ground Fighting Mount with pin

Realistic Training Real-World Ready

Our scenarios are pulled from real world situations & designed with both officers & subjects safety in mind.

Knife Defense Technique


Headchoke with a gun defense

A modern subject control system that maximizes an officers chances of stopping a threat.

Two people attacking one

Scenarios are designed to put officers in stressful situations, teaching them to react regardless of environmental stressers.

Training hand to hand techniques as well as proper handling of subjects.

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